Friday, November 27, 2015

Western powers and the Middle East

The invasion of Iraq, which was meant to rein in Muslim extremism and 'rogue' Muslim rulers, resulted in the unintended consequence of the so-called Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring was meant to free Muslim countries from despots and the like. One of the unintended consequences was the rebellion against Assad in Syria.

The West, having learnt from Iraq, largely decided not to intervene. The unintended consequence ios, of course, the spreading of ISIS from Iraq to Syria.

The bombing of the Russian tourist 'plane over Egypt was meant by ISIS to warn off Russia and weaken its support of Assad.  The unintended consequence is the increase activity of Russia.

Similarly, the terrorist attack in Paris was intended to warn off Western powers. Instead France is fully engaged and there are signs that the UK may join them and Russia and the US.
Given the universal application to the law of unintended consequences, God (and He alone) knows where all this will lead.

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